Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2012 Christmas Card Challenge

I made several different Christmas cards during the fall and Christmas season last year. But when it came down to making enough to mail to family and friends, I was pushing it to the very last minute to get enough finished. Even though I love card making, pressure took some of the fun out of it. So I challenged myself to make 12 Christmas cards (and 10 tags) each month; January through October 2012. To help me stick to this challenge, I invited my Stampin' Up! email list to join me. Kind of like accountability partners.  It wasn't a class or traditional workshop; everyone had to bring their own projects and supplies.
This past Friday morning was our first session. Thank you Jane and Kristy for coming over!  I really enjoyed the morning and it was also productive. Kristy made 10 super cute Christmas Cards with her Stitched Stocking goodies. Jane used Stampin' Up! supplies to prepare beautiful, vintage Valentines  for sending.
One of the cards I made during the holidays, I prepared to make 8 more but didn't finish them. I did Friday.  Another, I had made one of, loved it, but didn't get around to making more.  I made 12 more.  I had found 11 extra punch art Santas when cleaning out baskets recently.  I turned them into gift tags.  I now have a total of 22 Christmas cards and 11 tags for 2012.  And it feels good!

P.S.  I did not get all of this finished in the 2 hour session.  I did have to stay after class and finish - partially because I talk too much.  When my mom reads this, she will say some things never change.  ☺

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