Friday, May 20, 2011

The Calm Before the Workshop

This is my May Stamp-A-Stack weekend.  I had everything completely ready yesterday.  Shocked?  It was so nice to go down into my clean and prepped stamp area this morning - I thought I would share pictures with you.  Or maybe I took them to remind myself that I can still have peace and order when preparing for 8 guests (22 over 3 sessions) in a very small area.  :0) 

We have stairs going down the center of our basement.  My stampin' area is the back part of one side - not really a "room" per se.  I love the openness.  I have lots of cabinets and a counter for working.  Even room for a friend to come play!

 I have all of the tools ready for the workshop and on one side of the counter.  That's also where we do any heat embossing. 
This is the back wall (the cabinets/counter are on the right).  I've shown pictures of most of this before.  Since then, I did add the DVD shelf to the right of the file cabinet to hold my clear mount stamps.
Two of the black leatherette boxes in cubbies hold baggies with all of the packets for the Stamp-A-Stacks today and tomorrow.  In the next photo, you can see the bottom row of cubbies.  We bought the 2-drawer inserts - perfect for my punches!!

Table for 8.  Cozy!  The shorter cubby on the left stores toys for my grandchildren.  I can't have ALL the fun!  If you look above it, at the dry erase board, you can see prototype cards for future events.  I am planning a Card Buffet for June that will include 12 different designs.  Being able to see all of them at once like this,  helps me to sort and eliminate.

Another 8 cubbie unit - this one's for me!  Here I store extra cards, ribbon & embellishments, scrapbooks and another box with the supplies for the 3rd SAS.  The Market Basket on the top is where I keep things I need to hand out; mostly orders and kits.  The little black box beside it holds the cards I include with qualifying orders.

That's probably waaay more than you wanted to know.  I was just so excited to be ready early and relaxed this morning!  And for those of you that read my blog AND attend my workshops - sorry to bore you!  Thanks for bearing with me - and for coming to play.

Happy Stampin!

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