Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MY 2010-2011 Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalog

Yesterday, I promised I would show you what I did to my new catalog. 

I used my very first Stampin' Up! catalog (around 1996) so much that the pages began to fall out.  From then on,  I've always had them spiral bound.  I used to go to Kinkos by Sam's Club in Dayton and pay about $4.  Now I go to the Staples here in Middletown.

This past year was my first year as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and my catalog got a whole lot more use.  The back cover began to fall off (even with the spiral binding).  So this year, I had the front and page covers laminated.  That made them slightly bigger than the inside pages - maybe this will protect the pages from becoming rolled and torn. 

I was reading on the demonstrators' website and saw some ideas to enhance it even more.  I printed the supply list for all projects shown in the IB&C and had them added to the back of the catalog.  Here's the link to the supply list.  You can always find this link by clicking on the second button down on the left of my blog (Stampin' Up! Publications).

I also added a pocket divider.  I had one already that is clear and has a slash pocket on each side.  It was designed for a binder and was therefore too big for my catalog.  I asked the nice lady at the copy center counter if she could cut it down to the same size as the pages and she said yes.  You could also use a heavy sheet protector or folder with pockets - you know, like the ones used for school homework.  Just cut it in half and down to the size you want.

In one pocket, I put my Summer Mini Catalog.

And I'm using the back pocket for papers that I would normally stick in my catalog and they would be falling out all the time.

So, what do you think?

Last year, this cost me $4.00 plus tax.  This year it was $7.49 plus tax.
$2.00 to cut off the binding, $1.00 for each laminated page (front and back covers) and $3.49 for the spiral binding.  The binding was only $2.00 last year but it's now a 1/2" spiral as opposed to 1/4".  The new catalog is thicker plus I added 28 pages (could be 14 if you copy the supply list front/back) and the pocket.  I like the bigger much better!


ErinG said...

I really like this! Did you ask them to take apart the binding from the book?

T2 said...

Brilliant!! I am anxiously awaiting my new catty and will wait to do the spiral binding until the supply list is released. I also love the pocket pages you had put in. This is perfect for me as I write notes in my catty and am always concerned that a customer would accidentally walk off with it. Thanks for an awesome idea :)

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