Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birthday Card Workshop

Saturday, Febraury 27, I held a Birthday Card Woskshop. It included a Forget-Me-Not Keeper to hold the cards made. We decorated the box. I printed large labels to stick on each of the 12 dividers to record date, card recipients and occasion. I also printed labels for the divider tabs; one for each month of the year.

Whener I have a workshop, I try to have all the materials gathered for each project. Here are the baskets for all 6 cards lined up on my craft counter.I always try to have a sample of each card on each side of the table so everyone can see what the end result will be. I did that, but I also had all the samples displayed on my dry erase board. This was a special workshop. It included more projects, prizes and lunch. Yes, I did say prizes. Each person had a tag in one of their packets that corresponded with a tag on a prize. Prizes included a hostess paper pack, new stamp sets, card packs and a border edge punch.

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