Monday, June 22, 2009

Miami Merger Renewed

What is a Miami Merger? It's been defined a couple of different ways, but basically it's when 2 Miami University Students marry. Jeff and I met at Miami (at a picnic the day before my Freshman year) and even got married in the chapel on campus - we definitely qualify as a Miami Merger.

So, while on campus Saturday, we renewed our wedding vows. It was an intimate ceremony... Just us ... and 1086 other couples.
The vow renewal was actually a planned event for Alumni Weekend. It was an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most couples to simultaneously renew their wedding vows. The previous record was 624 and yesterday's unoffical count is 1087.
It was fun and sounds kind of silly, but when it came time to actually say the vows, it was real. I am so blessed!

The "ceremony" was held in front of Upham Hall. The building has a large archway. Legend has it that if sweethearts kiss under the arches, they will wed. Yes, we did it over 25 years ago. Several times - you never can be too certain of such things. And then one more smooch for old times sake.

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