Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Stampin' Area - Part 2

Ok, I'm back with more of my new organizing.

Originally, I planned to go to IKEA to get the filing cabinet. Then I was going to order the Store & Style cubes from Oriental Trading. But when I walked around IKEA, I went nuts over the cubed style book shelves. They had them in different sizes and colors. I chose the 4x4 style - it's one big unit divided into 16 cubes. It's very heavy, sturdy and reasonably priced. It's also finished well - like furniture - which is nice, since our basement is pretty open and has a family room.

I was so excited to see the optional inserts. I could choose door units or 2-drawer units to slide into the square sections. I chose 4 of each. I wanted the drawers for my punches. Since my collection has had such a fast growth spurt, I've had trouble storing them. They are heavy so plastic tubs and/or bins didn't work out. I bought a plastic-coated wire cabinet insert - it worked ok, but not great. These drawers are perfect. They are sturdy and roll smoothly. Two instead of one per unit works nicely because they are more shallow. The punches don't have to be stacked making it easier to find the one I want. With 8 drawers, I was able to separate the shapes; ovals, circles, squares, borders, etc all have their own drawer. Because of the weight and aesthetics, I lined them up across the bottom.

That just leaves the 4 door units. They are pretty cool, too. They are symmetical, so you can slide them in to either open to the left
or the right. I have a hard time with random, so I did have to arrange
them in a pattern. Surprised? Anyway, they are great for storing stuff I want handy but may not want to look at all the time. I keep my binders of card samples/inspirations in one section. Another holds all the supplies for our 2009 Christmas cards.

With the open sections, I still have plenty of room for my Big Shot, stamp club basket, catalogs and a little decorating. I just love it when function and beauty can be combined. I'm happy with the results. But knowing me, there will undoubtedly be changes some day.

If you look at a picture I posted yesterday, you can see this new bookshelf on the wall to the left of the cabinets and work stations. Even though my stamping area is in the basement, it does not feel like a dungeon or shut off from the rest of the house. It is open, well lit, and even homey.

I have to give another special thanks to my fabulous husband, Jeff. He is so sweet, generous and patient. He spent a good bit of his precious time off work shopping and assembling. And he actually acted happy to do so. Yes, life is good!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour.
See you soon.

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dkramer said...

Hi Tawnya, your work space is amazing!!! I can't say that I'm surprised. I love the organization and also the functionality of it all. Stampin' Up could do an article on you for sure! Thanks for sharing your ideas and where you got your items. That is such a help. Now, do you want to come to my house and fix up my area? :)
Debbie (your e-bay made friend)

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